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Be Here with Unplug Meditation

We can all agree that our daily lives are full of various stimuli. From our careers, to social obligations, to the rabbit hole that is social media, to our daily grind — it feels like our minds never take a breather. As this truth becomes more accepted, we’re seeing a rise in spaces that offerContinue Reading

LA Staycation at the La Peer Hotel

Living in the City of Angels has its perks, but sometimes we all need to step away for a little vacation. If you’d like to avoid braving the traffic to the desert or the long haul up the coast, tucked into the heart of the West Hollywood Design District is the newest member of theContinue Reading

Streetscape Plan – West Hollywood Design District

  The West Hollywood Design District is excited to begin the second phase of the Streetscape Plan…our district makeover!   Project Background: The plan was adopted by City Council in summer 2013, and developed with the help of a consultant team and community working group. During plan adoption, City Council requested that the public gatheringContinue Reading

3 RESULTS FOR: City of West Hollywood