• Decades of Design, Presented by the West Hollywood Library

The Exhibition

Never has there been a city whose business and cultural history is so closely interwoven with the design trade like the City of West Hollywood. This first-ever exhibit takes you on a journey spanning 65 years from 1948 to the present on the three intersecting streets of Beverly Boulevard, Robertson Boulevard, and Melrose Avenue with an insiders’ look at how the businesses located there have influenced and transformed the design world at large. Drawing upon both corporate and private archives, the wide range of historical images in this exhibition offers a glimpse into how the West Hollywood Design District once looked through the eyes of the pioneering businesses who paved the way for those who now carry these legacies forward into the realms of style, art, fashion and cuisine. You’ll also see how today’s trend setters and style makers are creating new and exciting ways of expressing themselves that will continue to inspire others. It’s quite a history, for sure… and one worth celebrating now and for decades to come.

14  Show statement by Gregory Firlotte, Curator

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